Sell My House

So you have finally decided to take the next steps to sell your Las Vegas real estate property.  Be assured you have made a good decision to retain a licensed Las Vegas Realtor® to guide you through this transaction. below is a quick summary of the next steps whether you are selling a property for the first time or are a seasoned real estate investor who has completed dozens of transactions

  • We will assess why you are selling your house to help manage expectations and ensure a seamless transaction that fits your timeline.

    • Select your Agent and Price. In your decision to sell we want you to feel comfortable with the agent you work with as well as the price and strategy you decide based on your inputs.
    • This helps to identify the timing, market trends, comparable property pricing and other considerations to help you decide on an a listing price.  
  • Preparing to Sell your home will entail work from both you and your agent.

    • While it is quick to get your property listed on the MLS and other marketing sites and distributions, there are a few steps you should consider taking before this process begins which we will highlight below.
      • Landscaping should be touched up to improve the curb appeal of the property as well as any necessary maintenance. This can include a service that touches up any necessary items so that the curb appeal is at its highest for potential buyers.
      • Consider planting some flowers or putting potters outside as well as removing any dead plants and over growth. This will be the first thing people see during any showings and we want to make sure there are minimal objections or conditions before the door is even open.
      • Work with your agent on the five meter targets of what repairs you should start to remediate. These are often the most apparent that even the untrained eye can spot from across the room. Holes in walls, missing tiles, broken windows, dead lightbulbs etc. The more granular the detail the more likely we can defer that maintenance or leave it to the buyer to repair during closing. This is really the time to get the home looking like you would for having visitors over. Hide the clutter and put your best foot forward so that it is warm and welcoming with minimal distractions for showings.
    • Once your property is ready for photographs, we will now get very high quality and professional imagery of your entire property inside and out including different lighting to display your property in as pristine condition as possible. This includes Matterport 3D/360 degree scanning, Photoshop editing, satellite imagery, aerial/drone imagery. We may also wish to work with you to stage the property a certain way to better highlight the use of various spaces you may or may not be currently utilizing to help the buyers imagination. 
  • Showings Showing Showings and more Showings! Hopefully the right price with the right pictures and the right agent have now created a frenzy of interest around the property and are getting interested parties through the doors to see the property.

    • This may require a variety of schedule changes where we need your utmost flexibility especially if the property is owner occupied. During this time we will be asking you to get the house as orderly as possible as quickly as possible and step out so we can get honest feedback from the agents as buyers will often confide in them more openly than if you were home during the showings. This time will help us establish what other agents, brokers and their buyers are feeling about the price or any objections they are expressing so that we can consider any adjustments to the strategy.
  • Offers and Negotiations. The ball is usually in your court here as the seller if your timeline is conservative enough. You reserve the right to reject any and all offers received. We are here to explain the details of every offer and answer a variety of questions you may have. Do not hesitate to ask your agent any question relating to any aspect of this transaction. It is our opinion that the job of the agents is to bridge the bid and the ask price between the buyer and the seller by overcoming any conditions or objections. This can be done through a variety of means and contractual considerations or rejected outright if you feel that the spread between the bid and the ask price is unacceptable to you.

  • Once you accept an offer you like that fits all of your considerations we move into contractual performance of both parties which includes a variety of items depending on each deal. This may include inspections, appraisals, remediation, repair etc. At the end of the days the buyer has to perform a number of tasks as well as the seller. We will keep you on task during this time with a transaction coordination process as well as the coordinating brokers agent and associated parties from the lenders, banks, title, inspectors etc.  We want to make the process of you selling your home as easy as possible.

  • Closing time will come quickly and you need to get all of the items completed, pack your belongings, turn off or transfer utilities, move, clean etc. We are ready to help you get through any unforeseen circumstances and work with the buyer on communicating these to make sure we can complete the final walk through and get the settlement statement from the closing agent.

There are obviously a variety of nuances during any deal that we can help you navigate to minimize stress during the transaction. Give us a call to discuss listing your home @ 702-708-8888 or fill out the information below so that one of our agents can contact you regarding the sale of your property.