6 Best Places in Nevada to Retire

6 Best Places in Nevada to Retire

Searching for the right real estate in Nevada or a retirement community that you can live comfortably in might be more difficult than one can imagine. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing, such as the home value, population range, number of hospitals nearby, and more; and there is no shortage of options.

Nevada offers a great number of benefits to retirees, from getting to enjoy their golden years in Las Vegas all the way to breathtaking scenery, hiking and hunting opportunities, international-standard golf courses, and more.

Here, we will discuss some of the best cities in Nevada you can retire in, along with the best retirement communities in each city to help you make an informed decision about your retirement.

1.     Las Vegas

Las Vegas is perhaps the most preferred destination for many a working and retired individual – whether it’s for a good time or for living. It is a fun place to live, regardless of your age. Real estate in Las Vegas is relatively more expensive (median home value is $234,700), but when it comes to the cost of living, it is low.

The city, despite being in the dead centre of a desert, is rather vibrant in terms of greenery and urbanization. The hills on either side of the city give off a breathtaking view every morning as the sun rises and sets behind them. The signature palm trees also add more aesthetic to the place, reflecting neon lights that light up the city at night.

14.15% of the population is aged above 65 years and there are 17 hospitals within one mile of the city. The best retirement communities according to polls include:

  • Las Vegas Meadows
  • Atria Seville
  • Las Vantanas
  • Heritage Parks and more

2.     Fernley

For those of you looking for natural beauty above everything else and who want to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city without sacrificing on the amenities therein, you could consider Fernley as your retirement destination.

Fernley isn’t as rich in real estate as Las Vegas, but is still enough to help you retire and invest in luxury real estate. The median home value of homes stands at $187,200 in the city with 17.2% of its population being above 65.

This means that you can easily make friends in the city as you go about, walking in the metropolitan area or venturing out into the desert. The city’s crime rate is also very low, with the annual property crimes in 2020 being just 202.

The best retirement communities according to polls include:

  • Summerfield senior living
  • The Meadows
  • Oakmont of Roseville
  • Oakmont of Carmichael

3.     Northern Las Vegas

An elegant place to spend the rest of your life, the city of North Las Vegas offers the best of all worlds to its residents. Retirees get to enjoy desert hills on one corner of the city and desert planes on another, while the city itself is vibrant enough to be passed as a haven.

It is basically Las Vegas, but without the constant crowdedness, traffic, and the crazy. The city also has a much lower cost of living than Las Vegas, but just like its cousin, the cost of housing does tend to get higher – especially if you’re looking to invest in luxury real estate in North Las Vegas.

10% of the city’s population is over the age of 65, while the median home value as at the time of writing this stands at $208,100. There are 17 hospitals available within one mile of the city’s premises. Not only that, just because you aren’t in the ‘real’ Vegas, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on anything. So, you get to live your best life – but for less.

The best retirement communities to consider here include:

  • Del Webb (North Ranch)
  • Las Vegas Meadows
  • Ardiente 55+ Community

4.     Mesquite

Mesquite is a favorite of those nearing retirement, but the city also has something for the young. When grandchildren visit, they won’t have to get bored. The city is very well laid out and has a disciplined infrastructure. Retirees from law enforcement, military, first responders, or other individuals who prefer disciplined environments will find themselves at home here.

The population over 65 years stands at a whopping 40.7%. However, due to more and more retirees pouring in, the median home value has risen to $217,000, with luxury homes easily crossing the 7 figure mark. Although the city is relatively small, there are 20 major hospitals within the city limits. There is also a camel safari option for the adventurous among you.

The best retirement communities to consider here include:

  • Sun City Mesquite (Del Webb)
  • Mesa Valley Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care
  • BeeHive Homes of Mesquite

5.     Boulder City

Perhaps one of the most famous cities in Nevada after Las Vegas is Boulder City – there are even songs about it! It is a rather friendly community right at the shores of the Hoover Damn, thus giving the residents a beach to visit on the one end, hills on another, and the desert plains to enjoy as well.

The city also offers easy access to Las Vegas with just one straight road between the two cities. The cost of living for Boulder City is also very low, while the median home value stands at $269,200. According to census, the population of Boulder City stands at 15,023 compared to Mesquite’s 18,446. Las Vegas, on the other hand, has a population of 634,773.

This means that Boulder City is primed to give you the Vegas experience without the constant sirens or party music. 30.4% of Boulder City’s population is over 65 years old. There are 5 cities within one mile of the city as well, thus making it a safe and fun place to retire to.

The best retirement communities to consider here include:

  • Lakeview Terrace
  • Senior Center
  • Nevada State Veterans Home

6.      Henderson

Henderson is an elite city with a very high price tag on luxury real estate – which is saying something, because a majority houses in this city can be regarded as luxury houses. Having said that, there is property for all types of retirees to consider. And this isn’t just limited to property but extends to the amenities as well.

Henderson offers numerous outdoor activities via it’s Sloan Canyon National Conservation and the Red Rock National Park, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Henderson attracts people of all ages, and therefore the population aged over 65 years stands at 19.1%. The median value of homes in the city stands at $239,500 and it has 15 hospitals, even though the city is small.

The best retirement communities to consider here include:

  • Revel Nevada
  • Sunrise of Henderson
  • Merrill Gardens (Green Valley Ranch)

For more on luxury real-estate options in Las Vegas and other cities throughout Nevada, we recommend you get in touch with us. We’re here to help you find the best home for you in a city of your choice!

The figures have been pulled from FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Services and U.S. Census Bureau. There are numerous factors to consider in every investment, including real estate. The information provided above is just a matter of opinion and can change with time. It shouldn’t be construed as legal or tax advice; neither does the report constitute a financial promotion or investment advice. It is general information and before making any such decision, you should seek out licensed professionals and see all ends clearly.